Introducing the exclusive "Live from Montreux: The story of Claude Nobs and the Montreux Jazz Festival"

Die Ausgabe in vier Bänden "Live from Montreux"
Source: Montreux Sounds

Discover a limited edition masterpiece: four high-quality illustrated books, numbered and personally signed by the legendary Claude Nobs.

This remarkable collection weaves together two extraordinary stories: The captivating history of Claude Nobs and the first four decades of the Montreux Jazz Festival.

Each set comprises four large-format volumes, totaling 1,892 pages, adorned with over 1,700 captivating images. Originally released as a limited collection in 2007 under the title "Live from Montreux," only 5,000 sets were ever produced. These are the final 1,000 sets available, presented at the original inflation-adjusted price. Once they're gone, no more can be created, making this collection a truly exclusive rarity.

Inside these exquisite books, you'll step into the world of Claude Nobs and immerse yourself in the first 40 years of the Montreux Jazz Festival. From iconic rock acts like the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, and Frank Zappa, to the evolution of pop, rock, jazz, and world music from the '60s to the '00s, this collection offers a unique window into music history. Explore the venues where legendary musicians performed, partied, and relaxed, and experience the ambiance and spirit of those extraordinary times.

Accompanying captivating stories about the iconic Claude Nobs, the music industry, and the legendary Montreux Jazz Festival, you'll gain an up-close and personal perspective on the individuals who shaped the music scene. This luxurious book set is an unforgettable journey into the past, a treasure trove for collectors, art enthusiasts, and music lovers alike.

Furthermore, renowned financial expert Spiros Margaris categorizes each book set as a Non-Fungible Asset (NFA). These books are individually numbered, both inside and out, and bear the hand-signed signature of Claude Nobs. Due to the limited total edition of 5,000 copies, each set is truly unique, with no possibility of reproduction. This rarity, coupled with specially crafted bookends, transforms the collection into an artistic masterpiece cherished by collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Now, you may wonder why these 1,000 "Live from Montreux" book sets are reappearing in 2023, sixteen years after their initial limited release. Thierry Amsallem, President of the Claude Nobs Foundation, provides the answer:

«We believed we had exhausted our supply of books. However, the resurgence of interest was sparked by the production and airing of the TV mini-series 'They all came out to Montreux' on Swiss television. This series heavily relied on our book set, and Prince's mention of it further fueled the demand. This led us on an extensive search, resulting in the discovery of hidden stock in a half-forgotten warehouse. We decided to offer these newly found sets at the original inflation-adjusted price, with all net proceeds benefiting the Claude Nobs Foundation. This foundation is dedicated to preserving the unique audio and video archive of the Montreux Jazz Festival from 1967 to 2013, a UNESCO Memory of the World.»

These last 1,000 book sets are a rediscovered cultural treasure, a timeless work of art that not only belongs to their owners but also supports a charitable cause. Purchasing this collection is not merely acquiring fantastic books; it's preserving a piece of music history and contributing to a meaningful cause.

The last thousand copies of the book set are available through the newly created destination Live from Montreux.

The value of the collection with four volumes cannot be weighed in kilograms, but the weight of the package shows how much format, content and scope can be expected.

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Don't miss the opportunity to own this exclusive and iconic collection. Order your set of "Live from Montreux through the newly created destination, Live from Montreux, and experience the magic of music history in its grandeur.